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Roles and Responsibilities

All 7th and 8th grade students at Delta Sierra Middle School will receive a Black 3-ring binder with a school approved "Delta Sierra Binder Cover" containing the following school supplies:

  • Clear plastic pencil pouch with two number 2 pencils and one yellow highlighter.
  • 1 spiral bound 3 hole punch notebook with 70 sheets of lined paper.
  • 5 subject dividers with multi-colored tabs and labels.
  • Student ear buds for Chrome Book Technology on site
  • 1 school planner that consists of 136 pages. It contains an agenda, calendar, and the School-Wide Rules, Expectations of student behavior, dress code, and our 4-Quarter Behavior Chart for rewards and consequences.

​Students are encouraged to:

  • Communicate with the parents/guardians about class and other school activities each day.
  • Complete assignments, projects, homework and turn it in on time when due.
  • Show respect for themselves, all adults on campus, and their peers.
  • Enjoy school and work hard to contribute to a clean, safe campus.

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to continue:

  • Communicating to the office any interests, commendation, concerns, and/or ideas that will improve the services that are provided by the school.
  • Providing a quiet place for their students to work at home.
  • Reviewing the progress of their student's academic and behavior performance.
  • Seeking ways to volunteer at least 1 hour on campus or at a school related activity.